Self-confidence through training! 

An official Olympic Sport, Taekwondo has become one of the most popular martial arts today and involves kicking techniques, cardio-vascular training, physical fitness, as well as the possibility of competition at the regional, provincial, national and international levels. In other words, it benefits us all.


For Kids as well as Adults

Taekwondo brings great physical benefits, but also various values and skills that help temper the character of children.

This sport can become a way of life for those who practice it. It’s an instrument for achieving physical and mental balance. 

Taekwondo seeks the realization of the human being in all senses. In the case of children, it helps them to get through the most complicated stages, acquiring important personal values and healthy habits for life.

Physical benefits

  • Improves muscle strength, as well as cardiovascular endurance.
  • Increases elasticity, agility and flexibility.
  • Helps develop coordination and balance capabilities.
  • Provides control and knowledge of one’s body. Since this is achieved through basic movements but on a highly technical level, it will prepare them for future activities of greater difficulty.

Psychological and social benefits

Taekwondo also helps to temper children’s character. Those with high energy levels become more aware of their body and surroundings.

Even the most timid and introverted children will gain confidence, self-esteem and initiative.

  • It promotes concentration and discipline.
  • By mastering their body, they gain self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, they will learn to interact with their environment more effectively.
  • Important values such as honesty, loyalty, camaraderie, teamwork, respect and humility are fostered.
  • It’s an opportunity to foster cultural learning. Through taekwondo, children have access to knowledge of customs, traditions and ways of thinking that are different from their own. It also teaches tolerance and solidarity.

Although this discipline originated for combat, it isn’t an aggressive sport. The basic training of taekwondo is self-defense, not antagonism.

Moreover, this sport seeks to bring peace and tolerance to those who practice it, among other benefits. It’s an ideal aid to channel the inexhaustible energy of children, especially if they have disorders such as ADHD.

The ideal age to begin practicing this sport is around 4 years old. It’s better to start from a young age, because although taekwondo has great benefits, it’s very technical and “slow.”

Changes don’t happen overnight, and it takes a lot of effort, perseverance and discipline to master the basics and improve.

Therefore, the presence and help of parents is fundamental. They’ll have to remind their children of their values, responsibilities and tasks, encourage them when they believe they aren’t making progress and, above all, support them.

The most important thing is that the child is happy with what he’s doing and the environment he’s in, and that he always puts all his enthusiasm and effort into each and every day of practice.


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Nicholas Petrone


Head Instructor

Black Belt 4th Dan

NCCP Certified

PATU Certified coach

Over 20 years of Taekwondo practice

Anthony Petrone


Head Instructor

Black Belt 4th Dan

NCCP Certified

Over 20 years of Taekwondo practice

Alexandre Pambrun


Assistant Instructor

Black belt in training

Over 9 years of Taekwondo practice


The discipline and attitudes our children are able to develop through martial arts is a big help. Apart from that, respect for others becomes a lesson that children automatically learn through their practice of martial arts. Martial arts training involves interaction between the student and the teacher.


Studying Martial is an incredibly effective way for developing self-discipline. Taekwondo will have teaching styles and philosophys that promote self-discipline.


This is exactly how martial arts training builds your confidence. You are buildingor “conditioning” your confidence, making it stronger with every class. You are training yourself to focus and perform under pressure, no matter what the situation may be that is causing the pressure.

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